Bane - Soldiers of the Damned - House of Good and Evil - Dracula The Impaler

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Chastity Bites - The Bleeding House - The Reaper
Chastity Bites – The Bleeding House – The Reaper
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Bane - Soldiers of the Damned - House of Good and Evil - Dracula The Impaler
Bane – Soldiers of the Damned – House of Good and Evil – Dracula The Impaler

House Of Good and Evil: Cert 18
After a family tragedy, Chris and Maggie Conley, in a last-ditch effort to save their dying marriage, purchase an isolated home in a secluded forest. Maggie becomes convinced that there is something unnatural sharing their house intent on her psychological destruction.
“Truly Horrifying” Horror-Movies
“It’s just creepy with a kickass unexpected ending” SearchMyTrash
“An Independent Horror Gem.” HorroronScreen
“A mind-altering, brain-blowing unnerving dark thriller.”Dollsofdespair

The Bleeding House: Cert 18
In this taut horror/thriller an isolated family home is invaded by a sweet-talking Texan psychopath who is intent on draining the family’s blood. What he doesn’t expect to encounter is an occupant even crazier than he is.
“An unflinching  piece of American horror through and through” DreadCentral
“Powerful, riveting, dark and brutal…a nasty little indie gem”
“Buckets of Blood” Screen International
“If you are a horror fan you need to see this” UnseenFilms
Maxim Magazine named us one of the 66 Best Horror Flicks You’ve Never Seen.

The Reaper: Cert 18
A group of teens are taken on a field trip to a railroad museum. Their school bus crashes beside a strange, deserted fairground. Terror ensues when they discover the carnival is Railroad Jack’s hunting ground and he has been waiting for them, armed with a pickaxe and he has laid claim to their souls. Starring: Douglas Tait “Freddy v Jason” and Tony Todd.
“If you are into old school slasher films this is a must”
“Fans of slasher flicks will eat this movie up”
“Heavyweight horror icon Tony Todd shines.” BZFilm

Dracula The Impaler: Cert 18
On a graduation Euro-trip seven friends’, from the States, have booked Vlad the Impaler’s isolated castle for a week to kick off their holiday. As members of the group start dying in unspeakable ways it is clear that The Impaler’s restless spirit is determined to escape the Devil’s incarceration.
“A suspense filled ride that keeps you on the edge of your seat”. Videoviews
“Plenty of suspense, shocks, violence and creepiness” searchmytrash

Soldiers of the Damned: Cert 18
It’s the Eastern Front during World War 2. The Russians are pushing the German Army back through Romania. Major Kurt Fleischer, war-weary commander of an elite troop of German soldiers, is ordered to escort a female scientist into a mysterious forest behind enemy lines to retrieve an ancient relic.
“If Sam Raimi made a film featuring Nazi’s, then Soldiers of the Damned might well be the result. ****4 Stars” FromPage2Screen
“The battle sequences are gritty, grisly and as gory as hell”. FromPage2Screen
“A supernatural Nazi horror film to rival Michael Mann’s THE KEEP **** 4 Stars” Nerdly
“The horrors of war meet the horrors of the supernatural. **** 4 stars.” Nerdly
“A blood-soaked blitzkrieg of mayhem and terror” – Scream: The Horror Magazine

Bane: Cert 18
Katherine awakes in an underground cell with three other women – all have complete amnesia. The women soon discover they are part of a gruesome experiment with no obvious purpose.
“Extremely gory! A blend of psychological horrors and slasher sensibilities” Fatally Yours
“Incredible Bloody Mayhem” HorrorYearBook
“Torture porn meets The Twilight Zone” Bad Lit
“Bane is one of the most anticipated British Indie pictures of recent years” MJ Simpson – UK’s Leading Genre critic

Chastity Bites: Cert 15
An aspiring high school journalist discovers that the murderess Elizabeth Bathory, who killed hundreds of girls in the 1600s to bathe in their blood, is seeking to promote sexual abstinence at her school in order to have a ready supply of virgin blood.“A pleasure to watch” Razor Apple
“A pretty damn fun horror-comedy” BloodyDisgusting
“All horror/comedy fans and slasher fans alike should check it out! A Southern Life in Scandalous Times
“High school hasn’t been this entertaining since Buffy started killing vampires – hilarious! Clueless meets Veronica Mars.” The Film Reel
“Both genuinely funny and genuinely scary. It provides laughs, screams, and much more.” Fanboycomics.
“Fun. Very Fun! Pick up a copy of Chastity Bites today – it’ll make you feel younger and more alive than bathing in blud.” CampBlood


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